Divided sculpture. Propagation of nocturnal light into the infinite.

Raft, mechanical mirrors, solar panels, light sensors
120 x 190 x 160cm. Tagus River (Rodão), 2015.

#6 - On the Portuguese Railways train that skirts the Tagus River, a landscape made of rocks draws the double of a fragmented landscape on the river: the desire to create a landscape reflecting the night.

#32 - Nightfall: birds slowly fall silent; frogs in the early evening; the persisting sound of the crickets – a mix of sounds – the shrill sound produced by a nocturnal bird. The first lunar reflection comes across the cliff, animal ecstasy; the image of the moon rippling on the river; the continuing music is frenetic. The dead hour: animals seem tired; silence; furtive sounds. The moon is paler; the time feels strange, resting; the birds sound their first songs: dawn.

(From the diaries of the Tagus River. Nuno Vicente, 2015)
MAAT, Lisbon 2015.