“Tribute to Heraclitus - The shadow of a river in countercurrent”


The shadow of a river, homage to Heraclitus


A divided sculpture / diurnal light


A long bronze receptacle, with a water inlet and outlet, hangs on a wall parallel to the river. The pipe and tube system, two submersible pumps and a set of sensors, transport (conduct, directs, channels) water from the river into the (bronze) receptacle.

Whenever sunlight is shone on the bronze piece, the sensors activate and water starts being pumped into the receptacle in the direction contrary to the river current, creating a drawing with the light mirrored by the water. The water is then returned to the river through an outlet upstream.

Tribute to Heraclitus - The shadow of a river in countercurrent

Bronze, river water, sunlight, submersible water pumps, Arduino, light sensors

Dimensions and duration variable



Fundação EDP / Photography: António Jorge Silva


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