In donation to Côa Valley

Bone, root, rock, glass, branch,

burnt piece of wood, plastic capsule, excrement, eucalyptus seed...

Fragments of nature.

Earth support, ephemerality.

I declare I donate to the Coa Valley 17 bronze replicas of natural fragments I there collected and that will remain hidden inside earth, among the sites of Penascosa and Canada do Inferno.

Vila Nova de Foz Coa, November 21, 2015

(Signed with an ink made of shale)

    Nuno Vicente


“Relocation of fragments of nature

View of the 17 natural fragments casted in bronze

Museu do Côa / Photography: Marco Pires

Relocation of fragments of nature

Subterranean photograph of 17 fragments of nature casted in bronze.

Silver print

30 x 40 cm



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