“If Autumn is not dry, water will be heard in the valley”

If Autumn is not dry, the water will be heard in the valley

Powder of shale stones, acryl medium, Fabriano paper



Museu do Côa / Photography: Marco Pires

1 - "the valley ..."

2 - "the lids closed towards the sun"

3 - "another man looks around ... the infinite desire to turn himself in the landscape; without thinking, a gesture on the rock "

4 - "on the river's edge, six turtles hanging in a tree; one turns slowly, her head about to come off "

5 - "dry river ... the puddles here and there. A dead goat "

6 - "the heat ..."

7 - "both dead they dream with the fall."

Content of the texts displayed on the wall, left to the central piece:


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