“Studies a botanical garden”

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Dice with Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13)

Messing, mirror; variable dimensions; 2018





1 - For rainwater harvesting (II)

2 - Spring sculpture (VI) (rainwater collector composed                                 by modules for creation of an ephemeral lake)

3 - Glass dome study, with scraps of an old cold greenhouse

4 - Par For a light beam transformation (object to circumvent a dead tree trunk / light symbolic action  - transformation of a horizontal line into a vertical one)

5 - Floodgate study

6 - For sun redirection on a tree bark (I)

7 - Stations marker (bi-chromatic) (color system representing life and death periods of a park)

8 - Study for supporting trees structure in tumble (II) (mirror with sustention structure, for heavy body projection on the ground / the illusion of a new branch)

23 - Precipitator (visual study of object which anticipates sea ashore precipitation / creation of a water cloud)

52 - Four black suns (obelisk with lines study: vertical, horizontal and the approach of both in a motive representing life and death)

Photography: Antonio Jorge Silva

© Nuno Vicente 2018

(Photography: Antonio Jorge Silva)

(Photography: Antonio Jorge Silva)

(Photography: Antonio Jorge Silva)

(View of exhibition at the ecologic museum of Belmonte. Portugal, 2018)